Lauminas Capo Caliper 

Latvian Junior Champion
Latvian Champion
Estonian Champion

D.o.b. : 27.10.2013

Chocolate Male
Eyes clear
HNPK- clear by parentage
PRA- clear by parentage
CRUFT's qualification

C-owner.: Vladimir Pavlov 

LUCKY's pedigree

            EST-00877/11 HD:ED/AA:OO chocolate
Tjotte's Lover Under Cover HD:ED/AA:00 chocolateLubberline Pumpernickle
Tjotte's New Years Cheers
Royal Brown A Midnight Dream HD:ED/AA:1/0 chocolateMy Brand Indiana Jonez
Irwlend Kimi- Charlotte
LAUMINAS LADY CHOCOLATE                          LV-26878/11  HD:ED/AA:00, chocolateTeepee Teodori Cee Cesar HD:ED/AA:00 chocolateCountryloves's Choose Me
Gwendolin Z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury
Richie Greysylvan           HD:ED/AA:00 chocolateSylvan Gorska Fantazja
Svetes Greja Fergus

LUCKY's show results

NDS, BRNO. 25.10.2014 junior exc, PP 5    
EDS, BRNO, 26.10.2014 junior exc,       
Rīga, 13.12.2014 junior EXC PP 3 A. Komarowski Nice male & correct propotions, a little bit heavy at all, g.head with correct details, g.topline, correct chest and forchest, well angulated, g.movment, nice temperiment
Liepāja, 14.12.2014 junior EXC PP 2 Pietro Marino IT 1.y.o., correct bite, correct prop.head and body, good bones, chest in development, correct angulation, good movement
D-pils 17.01.2015 junior EXC, PP, JUN CAC 1 R. Stoinov BGR  
D-pils 18.01.2015 junior EXC, PP, JUN CAC 1 Refet Hadzic BsH 14 months, big, strong, correct proportions, correct feet, body, correct head, bite ok, correct neck, correct angulation and forechest, good topline and tailset, free movement with excelent drive
Valmiera, 22.02.2015 junior EXC, PP, JUN CAC 1, BM-2 Jan Ryk, PL good in type, nice head, strong head, deep chest, very good in lines and angulation, very good in movement
CACIB, Rīga, 21.03.2015 junior EXC, PP, Cruft's qualification 1, BM-3 Korna Dina EST Nice type, standart size, musculare head, correct head propations, good eyes and ears, correct topline, well deleloped ribage, good chest, correct legs and angulation, nicely rounded feet, moving well, nice temperiment
CACIB, Rīga, 22.03.2015 junior EXC, PP, 1 Yla Mononen Satu FI exc.size and propotions, strong male head, correct bite, good bone, enough forechest, exc.neck and topline, exc.tailset, moves well, good coat
Rīga, 12.04.2015 intermed. EXC 4 Bruno Faeq FR 18 m.o. Big boy, v.g.lenght of neck, exc.topline, correct tailset, right balance, deep ribbage, exc.bone and feet., exc front angulation, would prefer more chest., v.well presented. Good condition, g.movement. Keep his topline
Rīga, 18.04.2015 open EXC, CQ, 4-BM-5 Kalvo Krisk, EST exc.type, v.well developed for age, nice and compact body, musc.head, sweet expression, exc lengh of his neck, level topline, exc./developed ribage, really nice forechest, well angulated rear and front, exc coat quality and colour, exc movement  from front and rear, would like to see move drive, typ.temperiment, well presented
Talsi, 25.04.2015 open EXC, CQ, 1-BM-3 Svetlana Korotaeva, RUS  
Talsi, 26.04.2015 open EXC CQ, 1-- BM-2 Leoš Jančik, CZ  
Turi, EST, 09.05.2015 open EXC, CQ, 1, bm-2 Kirsi Nieminen, FI excellent type, lovely musculine head, excellent neck+shoulders, would prefer bit more forechest, deep ribage, a bit short+sloping, narrow tights, strong bone, a bit hight ears, excellent coat quality, paralel movement but needs more lenght of steps, well handled
Tallin, 30.05.2015 open EXC CQ, EST CAC 1, BM-4 Rosemarie Wild Beautifull breed type, excellent head in correct propotions, exc eye colour, well set ear, in good size, exc in neck line wich forms in to strong top-line, deep well developed chest, exc stand, beautifull feet, moves with drive
EDS, OSLO, 06.09.2015 open EXC 3 Craig David UK  
Rīga, 14.11.2015 open EXC, CQ, 2 Maria Hutsteinez 2.y.old, liver, very dark coat, heavy head, broad in skull, good eyes set, excelent colour for eyes and coat, good substance, well angulated, good coat quality, ok tail set, good in movement, good topline, nice temp.
Liepaja Nacional all breed show, 06.12.2015 open EXC, CQ, 1, BM-1, BOO Olga Gončaruk (UKR)  
Valmiera, Nacional all breed show, 20.02.2016 open EXC, CQ, LV CAC 1, BM-3 R.Loehs- Romans (NL) 2.years old boy, lovely body, good bone, Nice coat-beautiful pigment, dark eyes, shows typical broad, good angulation, g.taile set, g chest, line, cors.feet, top condition, not fat, moving happily and free.
Retriever Speciality show, Riga 10.04.2016 Champion EXC, CQ 2 T.A.Boogart Kwint (NL) Lovely head, kind eyes, g.neck & shoulders, little short in upper (?), v.g. ribs & hindquerters, g.bone& feet, lovely temperiment & presentation.